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On Being Shallow

There's nothing wrong with being shallow as long as you're insightful about it.

Dennis Miller

You know what? I think I agree with this. We can't possibly be deep all the time. Nor would we want to be. I think we should embrace the shallow waters of our world, splash around in them a little. And maybe, just maybe, there are some insights in those waters. I plan to do this here. To write some more silly, superficial, shallow posts. But I do promise that I will try my very best to imbue these lighter leanings with some thought, some depth.

Deal or no deal?

What does it mean to be shallow? Do you think it is even possible to be insightful about being shallow? Anyone else indulging in this season of The Bachelor? Thoughts on the first episode (the grandmother appearance, the horse entrance, the, um, "eccentric" NYC blogger)?

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