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We are on the road today. On our way home from South Carolina. Travel days are invariably a bit nutty, particularly with three kiddos in tow, but I am thinking good thoughts. That this will be a fine day of transition. And I am eager to get home. We all are. To our home. To the remnants of Christmas chaos. To our kitties. To our own beds. (The five of us have been bunking together for six nights now.)

Two things before I go:

First, there is something kind of cool and inscrutable about being between on the road between Here and There, in the skies between Home and Away. These are odd days, somewhat lost days, these days of wings and wheels, of belts and bags, where we mosey and move between places, and people, and times in our life.

Second, and more importantly, I think there are few things more wonderful than seeing my little girls in the front seat of a beat-up Gator. I simply love the contrast between Hello Kitty pink and that dusty John Deere green. Not that you can see much of the pink or the green with this fabulous new camera setting. (Fun, no?) Just saying.

Okay then. 'Til tomorrow.

Do travel days stress you out? Are you eager to return to "normal" after the holidays?

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