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I'm feeling wildly anxious this morning. Can't figure out why. Could be that this is the third lazy day in a row with the kids. Today is President's Day and there is no school today or tomorrow. Anyway, I really detest this feeling; this sense of frustration, of confusion, of not knowing. I know that there are things I can do - work out, shower, get some fresh air that will largely remedy what I am feeling, but still. Still this is no fun. What's kind of interesting, or more than kind of interesting, is that for a very long time, I associated this feeling, this sense of floating, with being hungover. I thought I had brought it upon myself by having too much fun the night before. But now I have ruled that out, that cause. So maybe this is part of me, of who I am, this feeling of anxiousness. I can't help but think that I will get to know myself better this year.

The education, the self-education, is already underway. Now, for that shower...

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