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Last night, we celebrated my friend's 40th birthday here at my place. It was a girls' evening, low key and laughter-filled. I bought forty white balloons. This felt right; to have forty innocent white things floating above us, hovering over us as we toasted to the occasion.

We toasted to the occasion with Diet Coke and water. No drinking. The birthday girl just returned from several weeks away at what sounds like a wonderful rehab facility. And I have never seen her so strong, or so vibrant, or so full of hope.

This was the first time we saw her since she got home and to be honest I was worried that it would be tense or awkward or something. But really it wasn't. It was cozy and lovely and we just hung around my white kitchen island eating and telling stories and realizing that friendship evolves and beautifully.

I'm not usually a big fan of chocolate cake, but this one was rich and delicious. I ate my piece and picked at a second. I didn't need all those calories, no, but I don't have any regrets either.

It was a remarkable night I will not forget, a night imbued with keen clarity and the fine scent of change.


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