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I took my oldest daughter to the pediatrician for her 5 year well-visit today. And she was such a good girl. There were no tears. There were no tantrums. No, she stripped down to her Hello Kitty undies and did what the nurse and then doctor told her to do. She got measured. She got weighed. She got examined. And I sat back and watched this transpire, this regular doctor's visit. And I smiled watching my girl, a little person, answer questions and follow direction. I found myself feeling a profound surge of gratitude and relief that she was healthy, that all checked out. Sitting in that chair, clutching her frog backpack, I realized how fortunate I am, we are, to have a happy and healthy little girl. Three of them, actually.

And as I write this, I realize something. I realize that this is what I want, what I really want. I want to be happy and healthy. For me, yes. For my own sense of well-being. But I want these things as much (and maybe more) for my girls. I want to model happiness and health for them. I want to live a long and good life, a life where I am here, always here, for them.

And so. I didn't really think about this year without wine as an avenue to better happiness and health, but isn't that what it is? Aren't I doing this to enhance existence, to feel better both physically and existentially? Indeed.

And the good news, the really wonderful news, is that I am already feeling a boost in these things, these ineffable and invaluable things. Happiness. Health.


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