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She's fearless. Not afraid of stumbling. Not afraid of tumbling. She stands, straddles the scooter, places one hand on each side. It's big. Bigger than she is. But she does it, she gets there. And when she does, she smiles.

She is happiest on the edge of things from which she might fall. She kicks her legs, waves her arms, grins. Sometimes, she slips off. To the ground. And sometimes she cries, but then she wipes her eyes and she's on to the next challenge. Climbing something new. Living. Learning.

When she's bigger and she tells me she's afraid of something, I will smile. I will smile and I will say to her, It's okay. We are all afraid of things. In many ways, life is about weathering fear. But once. Once upon a time, you were but a tiny thing and you were absolutely fearless. You didn't know enough to be scared.

And I will show her this picture. Of her little self. And I imagine she too will smile. I imagine she too will long for the days before fear. Just like I do.

Keep climbing, my girl. I'll be there to catch you if I can. Today and always.

What role does fear play in your life? What are you most afraid of? Do you ever imagine future conversations with your wee ones?

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