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It is no secret that I have fallen madly in love with taking pictures. Doing this, snapping away, helps me see. It helps me see this city, this life. It helps me notice things that would otherwise evade my eye. It helps me slow down, and stop sometimes. These are not the easiest things for me to do, but I'm trying.

I took the above picture many weeks ago. I wish I could claim credit for the result, but it was all a bit accidental, the fact that it turned out this way. I have my trusty Hipstamatic iPhone app to thank for the shotgun marriage of film and lens, and the ultimate image which frankly blows me away.

We are all navigating. We are all en route between Then and When, Here and There. But the thing is - the amazing and maybe sometimes unsettling thing - is that we will all get there a slightly different way. There is no map. There is no GPS.

There is instinct.

There is intuition.

There is always more than one way.

Is it difficult for you to slow down or stop? Do you take pictures of things other than your family? What has your way looked like? Has it been linear or circuitous? Does it comfort you or rattle you to know that there really are no definitive maps in life?

For Real