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Glory & Danger Alike

Today I am thinking about big bravery. About all of those who have given, and continue to give, their lives for this country of ours. As I live my life, my little life that is a speck on a much bigger canvas, I am thankful for those who have fallen for the freedom I feel today, and every day.

Today I am thinking about small bravery. About all of the moments in life when we are called upon to be brave. Those moments in which we can glimpse glory and danger and all of the things between, and we are expected to act.

Today I am wondering whether I am, in some way, brave. Whether I am imparting some sense of bravery to my sweet girls. I certainly hope so. I hope that I am some kind of brave. And that they will be too.


I can't help but think about the extended Hamburger family on this first Memorial Day without Patrick.


How are you spending this federal holiday? Are you brave? Short of sacrificing life for our country, what does it mean to be brave? Is bravery something that can readily be taught, or shown?

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