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Dinner out with beloved girlfriends. A darkened restaurant. A plate of pumpkin ravioli to share.

A theory. My theory. That theory?

Everyone has a wild side. Only some of us are willing to find it, and explore it.

Conversation. Confessions. Laughter. Friendship. Chocolate cake.

Yes, I have an existential wild side. And I wish I could talk about that side a bit more freely here. But, alas. People are reading.

Who knows - maybe I will be the next E.L. James? I can see it now... A.D. Rowley's Fifty Shades of A...

(I kid. I think.)


If you are craving more words on wildness, check out this post which I published yesterday afternoon. Hope you all have a wild and wonderful holiday weekend!


Do you, or did you once, have a wild side? Are you willing to explore this side of yourself? Have you read any or all of the Fifty Shades of Grey? I haven't yet gone there, but should I? Why do you think these books are such a phenomenon?

Glory & Danger Alike

One Boy