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The plan was to go to bed early. But instead. Instead I stayed up late, late for me, and watched. I watched a 21-year-old boy win a competition. I watched him stand there on that big stage in front of thousands, millions. I watched him sing a song called Home. A gorgeous song.

I watched him sing and play his guitar as confetti rained down. I watched as he choked up, the tears finding him. I watched as he pulled his guitar over his head, and walked off stage, still crying, to find his family. A family that stood and surrounded their boy.

I realized something as I watched. I had tears too. They were there, in my eyes. And I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because I was witnessing, literally witnessing, a dream come true. Maybe it's because, in the end, for this boy, it was not about the viewers and the judges, but about the people who'd been there all along. Before. And now after.

My tears surprised me. And led me places. To iTunes to download that exquisite song. And then here. To stay up a little later. To write these words. These words about one boy.

These words about far more than one boy.


Did you watch Idol this season? Were you happy with the outcome? Did you get choked up as Phillip played that final song? Any one else in love with the song Home?

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