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Does the Weather Affect You?

In high school, a friend wrote a paper on seasonal affective disorder. She told me about this "disorder" and I remember not buying it. It didn't seem possible to me that the weather could have such an effect.

But. Here I am. Confessing that the weather does in fact affect me. When it is soggy out, I feel more quiet and tired and philosophical. When it is sunny, I feel bold and provocative. When it is very cold, and I can see my own puffs of breath, I feel strong. When it is sticky hot, I'm not going to lie - I get kind of pissy.

It's interesting to see that my girls do not appear to be so affected by the elements. If it's raining, they get pumped that they get to don their beloved boots and tote their favorite borellas (how cute is that "word" from the Rowley girl fictionary?) When it's sweltering, their cheeks get pink, but their smiles don't fade. And when it's snowing? Don't get me started. Snowman heaven. I'm wondering if adulthood makes us more sensitive to the seasons? Alas, why can't we just be young again? Wouldn't that make everything much easier?

Anyway, I've just had the good fortune of spending a very sunny several days in Cape Cod and it was a wonderful time for many reasons - the family, the food, the freedom - but I'm not going to lie - the fact that the weather was so postcard glorious added considerably to the week's magic.

Are you affected by the weather? What is the weather like where you are? Would you prefer consistently good weather or the flip of the four seasons? Would you rather be really hot or really cold?

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