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A friend of mine is expecting her first child, a girl, in October. In fact, she is due on my birthday which of course I took as a conspicuous and undeniable sign that I should indeed name this baby.

So. I need your help.

My friend is looking for a first name that begins with A and a middle name that begins with P. The baby's last name will be Willis.

From our conversations to date, it seems that my friend is looking for a name that is neither celebrity wacky nor terribly common.

Here are a few of my own ideas for her...

Adelaide Price

Avery Prudence (some of you might get the reference?)

Anya Penelope

Allison Page

I know how much you guys love baby name stuff, so please chime in again and again with ideas. From experience, I know how much this can help.

Ready, set, let's name her!

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