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At the rehearsal dinner before our wedding, there were speeches. Wonderful, thoughtful, booze-fueled, speeches. And there was a theme, a word rather, that carried through said speeches: hot.

Yes, Husband is hot. I'm not going to lie and tell you that this fact did not play a critical role in our late-night bar encounter ten years ago. He was hot then. He is hot now. He is even hotter now. Why? Because he is a dad. A dad to my girls.

There is nothing more sexy than seeing my man with my girls. I can't describe it, but it's true. Witness Evidence A above. In this shot, Husband is kayaking with my littlest creature in the waters off Cape Cod. Sure, his muscles are swoon-worthy (sorry, Babe, 'tis true), but it's really the fact that he is with her, my girl, our girl, that gets me most.

 What is hot to you these days? Is your definition of hotness (a word?) different than it used to be? If so, how? Do you find your partner to be hot? How important is mutual finding of hotness (heat?) to a marriage?

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