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I'm not going to lie: It's been a weird week. Last Thursday night, shaking from shock and sadness, I wrote words. On Friday, Husband returned from his business trip and I hugged him hard. Saturday, we hosted Middle Girl's birthday party. The weather was crisp and lovely and little kids frolicked in Halloween costumes; so much happiness, so much joy. Sunday was Sunday; gymnastics, couch cuddles, dinner around the big table. Yesterday and today. A sinister storm. We've had no choice but to hole up at home, to go from hour to hour, room to room, in our pajamas. There have been cartoons and art projects and brownies. There has been laughter and bed-bouncing and deep family time. Mother Nature has stepped in and whispered words: Realize what you have. Hunker down and hold it close.

And we've listened.

And so. Here I am. In this week. In this weather. In this life.

And I will do my best to revere the good and the bad, the sunshine and the storms, because all of it, all of this, means something, and matters. Through it all, I will continue to listen to the winds of this world howl with wisdom, to love my creatures, and to carry that umbrella.

Have you felt the effects of Sandy where you are? Have you personally experienced any major weather events in your life? Do you ever feel like the universe is sending you messages to slow way down and focus on what matters?

Happy Halloween!

Storm Snuggles 2012