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The schools and subways are closed and we are snuggled up at home waiting for Sandy to pass on through. I took the above photo from our garden at around 3pm yesterday. The air was damp, the wind whispering, the afternoon eerily calm. I took the picture and went back inside to my girls who were flopped on our big old couch watching cartoons. I indulged in some drive-by tickles and twirls. I held Middle Girl's cheeks in my hands and she said something: I know what you're about to say. You're going to say "I love you." You always say that! And I smiled. And said it.

And I came here. To the screen. And thought about what to write for today. I looked up quotes about storms and found the one above which I happen to love. There are some things you learn best in calm, and some in storm. How wonderful, and true.

And here we are. In storm. Huddled together. Living. Loving. Learning. Always learning.

Are you hiding out from Frankenstorm too? How do you plan to spend your day(s) inside? Are you easily unnerved by severe weather reports or do you think they are often exaggerated/incorrect? Do you agree with Cather, that some things are learned best in calm, and some in storm?

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