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I know it's been a few weeks since I've posted my Friday Loves, but here we go again. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Now that we are on the far side of the Turkey Day, I am focused on Christmas. Truth be told, I've been focused on Christmas since Halloween was over. And it seems my girls have followed my lead. Earlier this week, when I was dropping Middle Girl at her preschool, I saw the big paper turkey on display outside her classroom. Each kid got to decorate one feather with words, saying what he/she is thankful for. And what did my kid write? "I am thankful when it is Christmas." Nature or nurture? You decide. Anyway, this edition of loves was particularly fun for me to curate as I just adore this time of year and all of its festive accoutrements. I tried to include a couple of more "neutral" items, too. Happy weekend, all!


1. Fun Holiday Pajamas.

I am currently on the hunt for perfect Christmas Eve pajamas for my girls and these Santa ones from Hanna Andersson might just be the winners. Adorable, no?


2. How Children Succeed.

Confession: I have not yet finished reading Tough's book, but I am already sold on his argument that we should stop focusing so unilaterally on cognitive skills and pay more attention to non-cognitive ones. Think: grit, curiosity, resilience, confidence. An important and insightful read for parents and those in, or curious about, the educational world.


3. Perfect Puffers.

Until recently, I was in the market for winter coats for the big girls. I asked a couple of moms in Big Girl's Kindergarten class where the got their daughters' fabulous puffy coats and they both said the same thing: Crewcuts. Off I went with Middle Girl in tow. I was thrilled when she bypassed the electric pink and went for the fabulous canary yellow. We picked up a "purplish" royal blue one for Big Girl. My girls are now toasty and I am in love. Check out this recent pic of my girls in their puffers. Oh how I love primary colors on tiny people!

4. Pinterest for Gift Lists.

I am trying to be a little more organized about Christmas gifts this year. For me, that really means purchasing said gifts more than two days in advance. Baby steps, huh? Anyway, I am so excited that I figured out how to use Pinterest for Christmas lists. So far, I've made a board for each girl and have pinned items they've asked for or items I want to get them. A great way to use Pinterest in my estimation because it is an easy way to keep pictures and links in one place. Wanna see my lists so far??

5. My Favorite Show. By Far.

For some reason, I barely watch television these days. But there is one program Husband and I never miss: Showtime's Homeland. In my opinion, this show is the perfect mix of suspense and psychology, plot and character. Bonuses: (1) Carrie, one of the show's leads, is bipolar which allows me to do weekly research for my next novel (a minor character in my next book suffers from bipolar). (2) I went to both high school and college with Claire Danes. I didn't know her, but have always been a fan. Anyone else love My So Called Life?


6. Some E Cards.

I'm sure you've seen these fabulously funny cards on Facebook and elsewhere, but did you know that you can actually make your own and that it is super easy to boot? Click over to sift through thousands of hilarious cards and play around with crafting your own. Warning: This might prove a major time suck for you as it was for me!

7. Holiday Sweet Treats.

I am a candy girl. And I am a big fan of holiday sweets. I have always loved Junior Mints (they are my movie candy of choice), and stumbling upon these Peppermint Crunch ones made me irrationally happy. Note of advice: Do not let said crunchy candies spill out into the bottom of your bag where they will be promptly melted by your sundry electronic devices!

What are you loving these days? Do you enjoy the holidays?

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