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At 9:38pm last night, I sat down at the screen to compile my weekly ADR Friday Loves for today. And I decided that I was exhausted and that I would instead just post a picture and say a few words and the really cool thing is that I didn't beat myself up for taking the path of least resistance and turning in early. This self-forgiveness thing isn't always so easy for me, but it feels good.

And so here they are. That picture. These words. And I am realizing as I write these words that the four people in this picture? They are indeed my Friday loves, and my everyday loves. They are my everything. Cheesy? Perhaps. True? You bet.

Forgiveness + cheesiness + truth? Yum.

Happy weekend, all!

Are you good at forgiving yourself for things little and big? How often do you pause and just feel thankful for your little and big loves? Will you forgive me for failing to bring you my ADR Friday Love links?

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