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Welcome to my little corner of the ether. This is where you will find information about my books and musings on life and love in New York City. To stay in the loop about all things ADR...


Maybe you've noticed that my posts here have gotten a bit shorter? Well, they have. And there are several reasons for this. One reason, one important reason, is that my novel needs me. I know that sounds silly, maybe even pretentious, but it's true. The story I've been crafting for a couple of years now has been neglected. And it's time to give her the attention she deserves. I hope you understand. I know you do.

Do you have any stories you need/want to get down? Do you like my short and sweet posts? Do you agree that more words does not equal more wisdom, that brevity in the blog world can be plenty compelling? Is it cool with you that I spend some quality time with my WIP or do you feel betrayed? :)

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