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Meet my friend Claire. Claire Bidwell Smith. I *met* Claire here in the bloggy ether and I had the privilege of writing a blurb for her hauntingly beautiful memoir The Rules of Inheritance which will soon be released in paperback. It turns out Claire and I have a ton in common: We are both trying to juggle motherhood and writing, we are both raising little girls in big cities, we both lost parents to cancer and often write about how our grief grips us and shapes us.

Anyway, the point is that if you like my blog, you will love Claire's. In her most recent post called "What We See In The Dark," Claire writes,

I have anxieties too though. I find myself awake in the middle of the night, fear shifting through me, all too often. I am scared of cancer, of separation, of loss. I am afraid of getting hurt, of hurting others. I am scared of mundane things too, like bills and work and what kind of mildew cleaner to use in the bathroom.

I see myself in these words, in so many of Claire's words. Maybe you do too?

Meet Claire.

What blogs/writers are you loving these days? I plan to use my Friday Loves to link to great blogeagues and I am always looking for suggestions/recommendations.

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