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Confession: We have been married almost eight years and we have yet to complete our wedding album. Embarrassing. A definite project for the new year. Particularly because I am realizing how important photos, and family photos, are to me. This past summer, we spent a couple weeks at Dad's childhood home and I found myself stealing moments to look through old photos of Dad's family, of my family, of my roots.

And I love this one of my grandfather, Dad's dad, whom we called Pa. I look at his face, and eyes, and see bits of Dad and also bits of my girls. Really powerful.

After we are finished putting our wedding album together, our next project will be working with our amazing wedding photographer Philippe Cheng to curate "family photo walls." It was his idea and I think it's a grand one. How incredible will it be to have walls of beautiful old family photos - and new family photos - in our home?

Do you have a lot of old family photos? Am I the only one who never followed through on her wedding album? Do you like the idea of family photo walls?

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