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dear kate,

I don't know you, but I am happy for you. When I heard the news yesterday, I was sitting in one of my favorite coffee shops, writing. My friend Heather, a fellow writer, sat at the neighboring table, and she pulled out her earbuds and looked at me. You heard Kate is pregnant, right? She didn't have to use your last name; I knew. I knew it was you.

And I smiled. Because I loved being pregnant and I love being a mom. Hearing that someone is pregnant, even someone I don't know, even a princess, brings me joy. Is that odd? Perhaps. Anyway, I hope you feel good and take care of yourself and that the press gives you a bit of room to breathe and enjoy this anticipatory time. (Ha.)

Some advice? Eat lots of organic Fuji apples, drink lots of orange Gatorade, and take lots of naps. Oh, and if you'd like me to name your baby when the time comes, just holler.

xoxo, ADR

Are you happy for Will & Kate or do you not really care? What do you make of society's swelling obsession with pregnant public figures? Any pregnancy tips to pass along to the princess?

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