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So. I have been trying to pinpoint just why this new type of blogging I'm doing is making me feel so happy, and alive, and I think it has to do with time. With feeling in the moment, and blogging in the moment. For me, there is really something truly exhilarating about experiencing something, a small story, and then being able to steal a few minutes to write about it.

Like I'm doing right now.

I just picked up Big Girl from school. And on the way home, we popped into the Starbucks on my corner for my afternoon fix. And the moment I walked through the door, Natalie Merchant sang something to me, to us: These are the days to remember... And oh how I smiled. And my girl pointed at the snowman cookie in the little glass case and I ordered my enormous sugar-free mint cappuccino and the barista whom I love was wearing this hilarious and amazing Santa hat with elf ears pointing through... And she told me that Big Girl has my eyes.

And as I was stirring my Splenda in, my girl waiting patiently by my side in her peacock blue coat, it hit me: This is it. These tiny moments. And we skipped home and I snapped a few of my girl, my biggest girl, my buddy. And I sipped my coffee, waking up, and up, and up.

This is it.

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