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I've been in major denial about the fact that my sister Ceara and her family moved to Charleston, South Carolina this past July. My denial has not been helped by the fact that Ceara has made many trips home to NYC already and I've seen her a bunch. But last week marked the abrupt end of my denial. Why? Because Husband, the girls, and I visited Ceara's Charleston house for the first time. We walked around town, and then had a quiet dinner at her dining table while the babies slept and Big Girl, Little Girl and Baby Bulldog engaged in some pretty amazing fire rescues in her nearby living room. And we spent the night before our early morning flight home. And I didn't really sleep at all that night. I could blame it on the fact that Little Girl insisted on sleeping between Husband and me and tossed and turned all night. But I think the real reason I didn't sleep was that suddenly it was very real to me; that my sister, and best friend, has a new home. The truth of the matter? I'm genuinely happy for her, and them, and genuinely sad for me, and us.

Do you live near your siblings? Have you had the chance to meet the very charming city of Charleston? Are you prone to denial about certain things in your life?

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