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So. The party was absolutely wonderful and I have so much to tell you, but for now a little glimpse of the aftermath. The big girls had their very first sleepover last night - with their beloved cousin Baby Bulldog - and the kiddos were up extra early this morning which was extra painful because we didn't go to bed until after 1am and after forgoing booze for an endless evening stream of Coke Zero and Sugar Free Red Bull, I barely slept. Super smart, I know.

As I made my way downstairs this morning, Middle Girl announced something: Mom, Scout is riding a beard!! Too funny. And fascinating to see how Daddy's new facial hair is slipping into Rowley girl consciousness. And yes. Scout was spotted in our wet bar hugging a big old bottle of Grey Goose. Pretty fitting for the day after, no?

Okay, off to snag a much-needed hour of sleep!

Late Night Kisses

So Disappointing