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The kids woke up and found a lot of loot under the tree. They were thrilled. And mildly confused because they know Christmas is weeks away. Anyway, we let them open all of our fantastic party gifts - lovely scented candles, ornaments, picture frames, holiday yummies, and even a few goodies meant specifically for them. But soon there were only beautiful wine bottles left - ribboned and bagged and wrapped - and when Big Girl saw this, she declared, "This is just so disappointing."

This made me smile. Because it was cute and funny but also because I am a mom and a human who is experimenting with change, who is living these moments and these days without wine. And I know I am tired and not thinking uber-clearly, but all of this just struck me as symbolic and good somehow.

I tell myself I loved my wine. But I am realizing that I am madly in love with my life without it. So much to think about on this morning after.

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