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ADR Friday Loves: 02.22.13


i'm loving...

This amazing song. (Thanks, T!)

These bright lights, dirty diapers.

This article on the yuckiest word ever.

This book.

These words on the power of positive parenting.

These minty green shades.

This movie.

These words on the rise of sick lit.

This salad.

These words on life without Facebook.

This beautiful site.

This question: What are your broken windows?

These kid-tastic Pinterest boards.

That my sister's college friend's debut novel is out and doing well.

These words on being held up.

This insane tote.

This hot chocolate on a stick.

This post on unplugging.

These tiles.

This beautiful piece on motherhood and life.

This novel.

This mom/friend/expert.

This bookshelf where I keep all my quote books.

This important message.

These Table Topics. {See giveaway below!}

This play directed by my high school classmate!

This scary community.

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Have a wonderful weekend, guys! xoxo, ADR

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