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skiing We are taking the girls skiing for the first time this weekend. We've been meaning to do this for a while now, but we've never followed through. Husband's cousin has a cabin in Vermont and after the kids are finished with school tomorrow, we will be on our way. The big girls are pumped. We've been gathering our gear and they've been prancing around this place in long underwear and ski pants and gloves. Each night before bed, Middle Girl asks how many more days. But Husband is perhaps the most excited one of all. Before we met, he did a stint as a member of the ski patrol at Vail. He is good. And he loves it. And get this: He hasn't been skiing in ten years. Ten years.

That's what happens when you get married and pop out three tiny creatures and build a career and a busy life. That's what happens. But the dry spell is over. We are hitting the slopes!

And I'm excited, too. I have such fond memories of skiing at Stratton with my family many springs, of staying in the seedy Four Winds Motel, of going up the chair lift with my sisters, of watching Dad ski in knickers and jeans!, of devouring super-sized Rice Krispie treats in the lodge. The reality is that I will probably be tethered to my tiniest this weekend and won't get to ski much. But I don't even care. We are doing it.

I'm realizing that one of my favorite parts of parenthood is being with my babes as they try things for the first time. Nothing beats the wide-eyed awe that comes with brand new experiences, and territory. Husband is just hoping the trip is smooth and that the girls have a good time. I think he's plotting many ski vacays in our family's future. Hey, I'm all for it.



Did you ski as a child? Have you taken your kids skiing? Any fun memories? Any tips on making the girls' first time a happy success? Are there activities you love that you've given up (or put off) because of the demands of your present life? Do you enjoy experiencing your kids' (or your own) firsts?

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