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clean Husband and I embarked on our 21-day nutritional cleanse yesterday. Don't worry; It's not one of those freaky things where we will only swill spicy vinegar for days on end. It's a really healthy program developed by a well-known cardiologist and endorsed by Gwenyth Paltrow. If it's good enough for GP, it's good enough for me. For what it's worth, I plan to be her doppelganger in three weeks' time. (Ha.)

Husband and I have both done this very cleanse before. Husband has had more success with it. It's my opinion that men are more literal and less emotional and better at following rules and not whining. Anyway, he lost a bunch of weight when he did it in the past and had a lot of energy to boot and felt great. I also loved the cleanse when I did it, but got a bit pissy and proceeded to cheat with bits of coffee and wine. The results, for me, weren't as golden.

This time. This time, I plan to do it right. After a year of abstaining from alcohol, three weeks seems pretty doable. No, I won't be able to eat gluten or dairy or drink my beloved coffee or sip white wine from time to time, but so be it. I know I will feel great.

We like to do the cleanse this time of year because, as you all know, the holidays can be a bit of a mess nutritionally-speaking. Chasing the little girls has thankfully kept extra pounds at bay (calorie-burning is a true perk of domestic mayhem), but we are both feel a bit eh energy-wise. We are ready to reset, get back on track, clean it up.

Before signing off, I want to say that I know this is such a privileged thing, this spending time and energy and money and focus on a nutritional betterment. I know that many of us have much bigger things to worry about at the moment than whether we are consuming a maximally nutritious/allergen-free diet. That said, I am realizing more and more how much I care about health - mine, his, our girls'. I know that so much of life is not within our control, but some of it is. This is about the some of it.

So. Here goes. I don't plan to live-journal this 21-day escapade. That would be super boring and annoying, I imagine. But I do want to warn you that I might be a bit on edge without my Starbucks IV and my weekend donuts. We shall see.

Wish me luck! Or tell me that I am crazy!

Do you eat a healthy diet? Have you ever tried a cleanse? Would you have any interest in hearing about mine?

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