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sisterhood We spent the long weekend in South Carolina and returned last night. It was a wonderful time away, time stuffed with family, food and good books. These girls, my Rowlets, were so happy to run around together and with their beloved cousins. And I was so happy to have a change of scene, to see two of my sisters, to breathe in a place very dear to the Donnelley family.

While away, I thought much about sisterhood actual and metaphorical. About the bonds we're born into and those we forge. More and more, I'm realizing that this is a central theme of my life: sisterhood. How can it not be? I am the middle of five sisters. I am raising three sisters. I am surrounded by friends real and virtureal who have become like sisters to me...

I have a lot to say, but not a lot of time right now to say it. It is 6:14am and I must get my three littles off to school. I hope to be back later today to fill you in. To tell you more about my trip, my writing, my very-late-for-me night out last night with literary friends, the 5th birthday party I must throw together in, um, three days.

Hope all has been well in your worlds. Back soon, but first another sweet pic of my baby owls. Here they are at Laguardia Airport yesterday afternoon. We were waiting with our luggage while Husband pulled the car around. The girls had just finished inhaling pink Nerds which they very much earned for being rock star travelers. They had a bit of energy, spotted a day time moon in the candy blue sky, and did a little dance. The Almost Home Dance.

Oh, these girls.


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