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moment1 So. I have fallen madly in love with the simple idea of sharing ADR Moments here. Moments that strike me. Moments I don't want to forget. Moments I refuse to lose in the shuffle of my Good Busy Life. Moments that seem small, but that are actually everything.

Above? It is the weekend and my hair is unwashed and unruly and I wear an old comfy sweater I wore a lot when I was pregnant and my new teal fedora. I have become a hat person.


In love with my new iPhone case. In love with this city that raised me, this city where I am now raising three little girls, this city I'm now bringing to life - again - in my second novel.



Just a little note a little girl made me. Swoon.


I had this wallpaper in our old place. Now it blankets our entry. I see this paper and I smile and think one word: Home.


An amazing child-crafted sign that hung outside of my daughter's school book fair. And I couldn't agree more.moment6

I have become an avid collector of mugs and aspire to become an avid collector of scented candles. This one, which I will feature in my Loves tomorrow, is divine. As I type these words - at 5:59am on a Thursday morning - a pine-scented candle burns next to me on my desk.moment 17The other night, the girls and I waited for Husband to come home from work and my littlest babe made a giant pillow pile...


...while her big sisters scoured a catalog for the perfect Christmas pajamas. And they found them. They are pink with owls.moment15

Middle Girl enjoys a mac & cheese date with a sweet boy from her class. I stand on the counter to capture evidence. She grabs my toes.moment14

I really think it is up to us to decide.moment13

This is the My Novel Is Killing Me And I Must Go To Bed And Start Again Tomorrow Face.moment12

Character research that feels a whole lot like shopping.


Major League Yummeth.


They are in love with these statues.


Christmas Owl by Middle Girl.


Such important words to read. On a blackboard outside my new fave coffee shop Birch.

moment7Writing books. Breakfast dates. Good ones.


another momentYesterday. I posted the following words on Instagram to accompany this one: More progress on the book in the last 24 hours than in the last 24 days. I've earned this smile. Oh & I'm really really cold.

And another moment

Last night, we hosted yet another party. This time for fellow preschool parents. It was a small, fun crowd and a good night. After everyone left, I wrote this, again on Instagram: Moment: Just hosted a party for preschool parents & now it's just the two of us & a bunch of leftover food. One of my favorite songs is playing as I sit here & watch him, the guy I love deeply. These tiny, exhaustion-filled in-between shreds of time are actually quite major. They add up. They add texture. This is our life.

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ADR Friday Loves 11.15.13

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