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20140411-063232.jpgYesterday, I made an announcement about a yearlong project I've just started called The Here Year. For the next twelve months, I will consider one topic a month that connects with (or interferes with) Presence. April's theme is Home.

Fine. Wonderful.

And yet. There is the reality that I woke up this morning and thought: What have I done? What in the world do I know about being present?

I felt it important to come here and share my self-doubt with you because this, I feel, is a huge part of this experiment. If you had told me five years ago that I would embark upon an experiment about living in the Now, I would have laughed. Hard. Well, I've changed. A lot. I'm more open to these kinds of questions; they feel, suddenly, more pressing for me. BUT. The point is that I have no clue what I'm doing, no real expertise on the question of Presence which is precisely why I think this project will be so important and interesting for me.

Anyway, this is a little disclaimer post to assure you that I am as lost and as confused as anyone when it comes to these lofty questions of humanity and time. But that's not going to keep me from asking them. This year ahead? It's all about asking.

I find myself wondering about Emerson, who writes: I live now. Did he really? Did he know how to do this? Was it easier to do this in his time than ours? More questions. Ultimately, t's all about the questions, right?

Anyway, off to live this April Friday, to do whatever I can to live now whatever that really means. Have a good one, guys!


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