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here year
Five years ago today, I started this blog.

To celebrate my blogiversary, I'm announcing something I've been thinking about and planning for a long while now:

The Here Year. 

During the coming year, I will focus on one thing: being here, present in this life I've built and love. Each month, I will think about, research, and write about a different topic. (How much of my thoughts/writing will be here is something I'm still considering. My gut tells me that to be here in my life, I cannot be here on the blog all of the time, but I will pop on with updates and insights and research questions.)

April has been Home. As my Instagram feed evidences, I have been making serious efforts to declutter our place. My theory is that clutter is distracting and takes us away from here. This is just one lens through which I'm looking at the theme of Home.

As my beloved therapist says, You are a project person, Aidan. You do well with a goal. Oh and I am. Oh and I do. I like to have goals and my goal is that by my sixth blog anniversary in April 2015 I feel much more clear and much more here.

Another thing! Not a small thing either. In an effort to be more present in my life (& also to be best-equipped to juggle mothering my three girls, finishing novel #2 (going very well!) and all else), I will forgo alcohol for this coming year. I did my Year Without Wine and I know myself and how much better and brighter I feel without it in my life - even though I will certainly miss my occasional glass o' Pinot. Note: I'm stating this here to hold myself accountable :)

Another year. Another experiment. I do hope you'll follow along!


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Oh, and footnote, our very good friend Jason Chaet's movie Putzel had its international release this week and it's just such a fantastic and thoughtful film. Admittedly, we are a tad biased around here, but I know you will all just love this Upper West Side love story!


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