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Curious about Marriage? Click away...

1. Masters of Love (The Atlantic)

2. Good Enough? That's Great (Daniel Jones, The New York Times)

3. Things That Will Destroy My Heterosexual Marriage Long Before Gay Marriage Ever Will. (, McSweeney's)

4. How to Make Love to the Same Person for the Rest of Your Life (Sheila Kohler, Psychology Today)

5. 50 Reasons to Love Being Married (Jennifer Cullen, The Huffington Post)

6. A Filmmaker Taped 112 Weddings. Here’s What He Learned About Marriage. (Time)

7 & 8. He said she was leaving. She ignored him. (The Week, originally NYT Modern Love) & follow-up I didn't save my marriage. I saved myself. (The Week, originally on Laura Munson's Haven Blog)

9. Our Place (Jamie Krug, Our Stroke of Luck)

10. Giving Up On Sex (John Kinnear, The Huffington Post)

11. One Step to a Happy Marriage (Leigh Koechner, The Huffington Post)

12. The Science of Us (New York Magazine)

13. The Lie and the Truth About Marriage (Glennon Melton)

14. My wife is not the same person that I married (The Matt Walsh Blog)

15. Let's Not Pretend to Be Who We Aren't (The New York Times)

16. When Brides Were Often Teenagers (The New York Times)

17. The All-or-Nothing Marriage (The New York Times)

18. The Luxury of Waiting for Marriage to Have Kids (The Atlantic)

19. 10 Reasons It's Totally Fine to Never Get Married (The Huffington Post)


Have you written or read any pieces on marriage that you'd be willing to share in the comments? Hope so!

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