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Trust the Timing of Your Life


Trust the timing of your life.

I found these words on Instagram the other day and oh did they strike me. I think so many of us are impatient. We want the things we want right now. We want to reach our goals, fix our flaws, figure Capital-I It out immediately, but something I'm realizing is that the best things in life often take time. Sometimes lots of time. This is okay. We must let this be okay.

There was this moment over vacation. We were in our rented minivan which smelled sickeningly of rancid chocolate milk one of the girls had spilled. We'd spent the day at the beach and we were all hot and tired, but I couldn't stop smiling. I took a picture of myself, a notorious Selfie, and I shared it because I wanted to, because it felt important to. And I wrote words to accompany it:

I'm fried & have probably gained 5 vacay pounds, but I'm feeling peaceful & happy & salt-slicked after a good day with my sisters & their kiddos. This vacation has been exhausting & fortifying & I'm eager to get home but also feeling deeply grateful for the time we 5 Rowleys have had. Second #selfie in a day? Yup. Because I'm a happy camper, in a good place literally & metaphorically & existentially & I've worked hard to get here & I see nothing wrong with capturing evidence of my smile because my oh my it's a real one.

It has taken time and work to get to this place, to this place of self-awareness and gratitude and real smiles. Let's not rush past the Now to get to the When. I know, I know, easier said than done.

Happy Wednesday, all!

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