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Oh Oprah. I love her. And I think she's right on with these words. I think we can have it all, over time. Time.

But now I'm left asking some big questions:

What is "It All"? Does this mean something different for each of us?

Should our goal be to have "It All" or perhaps "Some"?

Is there a particular order in which we should pursue things? Should we go first for romance or family or career or self?

Are these words, like many fetching quotes, an oversimplification of a much more complex reality?

Do you have "it all" now? Do you think you will, over time, in your life?

Okay, there you have it. A slew of #thehereyear questions to get your brain buzzing on this fine Thursday morning. What do you guys think about Oprah's words? Do you agree that we can indeed have It All but just not at the same time?

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