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being here now

all there is ever, is the now.

It's easy to forget this. It's easy to dwell on the past, to daydream about the future. It's easy to lose the precarious now in the shuffle of our busy days. But we must work not to let this happen, to hold on tight to what is happening right now. Now.

Right now I am sitting at my desk. I woke up early to work on some book revisions and I'm feeling that charge writing always gives me. I'm sipping coffee. I'm listening to music. I'm thinking about the day ahead. I'm thinking about my sweet girls, still wrapped in slumber. I'm thinking about a friend who is weathering something hard and heartbreaking. I'm thinking about the swiss chard ravioli I ate for dinner last night. I'm thinking about how it's almost fall, my favorite season.

I don't know. I don't really know what I'm doing any more than you do, but I'm stumbling along, so eager to soak this up. This now. It's work though. I'm willing to do it. Are you?

What does your NOW look like?

Do you find yourself looking back and forward?

Do Harrison's words comfort you or alarm you?

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